Game  Projects

It's way out

Unreal Engine 4

It is a hack and slash type game where you can manipulate your environment to defeat your enemys.

This game is in colaboration with:

Art: Daan Van de Sijpe

Art: Kevin Blondeel

Dev: Arthy Neirynck

Dev: Arne De Pontieu

The input I have in this game is mainly the Level Design. Building out the game levels and art presentations in Unreal Engine 4. A second contribution are several partical effects in the game.

Find the trailer here

Sneak Peace

Unity Project

Sneak Peace is a fast paced partygame for 2 to 4 players. To win you need to use your stealth, steady aim and power-ups to score the target kill count.

This game was created in colaboration with:

Art: Laurence Dattoli

Dev: Arthy Neirynck

Dev: Rob Boone

Dev: Niels Dewitte

My contribution to Sneak Peace was Level Design, asset production for the levels and UI graphics and implementation of them.